Vangelis Skouras

Vangelis* started it. He is in research since 2008, after a short stint in advertising, and for the most part of it he was based in London, UK.

He has collaborated with companies such as Pepsico, Kellogg’s, Unilever, William Grants, Sainsbury’s, IKEA, Google, Nestle, P&G, Coca-Cola, Philips. He was lucky enough to have conducted fieldwork and studies in many different markets in Europe, Middle East and the USA from brand positioning and communication research to cultural exploration and segmentation.

In 2015, a paper he co-written and presented at the ESOMAR Congress in Dublin was nominated for Best Paper of the Year.**

Apart from London he has also worked and lived in quite diverse places such as Lima, Peru and Erbil, Iraq.

He recently returned to Athens and started Long Lust because he wants to use his professional and life experience to help brands connect with their target in a more meaningful and thus effective way. He also missed the sun, food and lustful chaos of this city.


You can reach him at vangelis@thelonglust.com. He will be happy to answer to almost any of your questions.

*A typical Greek name that means ‘the messenger of good news’. Many people ask so we thought you might want to know.

** The paper is called ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ and it’s about the ways we can engage research participants more effectively in order to improve the whole output of research. If you really want to read it we can send it to you.